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And so being young and dipped with folly, I fell in love with melancholy.
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“I’m a fool. I expect too much, then I’m angry because nothing ever works out the way I want. When I was young and full of hopes and aspirations, I didn’t know I would hurt so often. I think I’ll get tough and won’t ache again, then my fragile shell shatters, and again, symbolically, my blood is spilled with the tears I shed. I pull myself back together again, go on, convince myself there is a reason for everything, and at some point in my life it will be disclosed. And when I have what I want, I hope to God it stays long enough to let me know I have it, and it won’t hurt me when it goes, for I don’t expect it to stay, not now. I’m like a donut, always being punched out in the middle, and constantly I go around searching for the missing piece, and on and on it goes, never ending, only beginning…”

Cathy, Petals on the Wind

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